Bone Cells Grown From Skin Cells

Bone Cells Grown From Skin Cells


Researchers emphasized the significance of the procedure particularly in making bone tissue because of its’ complexities. The new bone is DNA specific to the patient and solves a lot of problems in immune rejection. This is a big step in making custom organs and tissues to a specific genetic profile.


While previous studies have demonstrated the potential of other cell sources to form bones, bone marrow stem cells, for example, can form bone and cartilaginous tissue but not the underlying vasculature and nerve compartments. Furthermore, bones derived from embryonic stem cells have the possibility of immune rejection.

Stem Cell Charts:






This is the first study that has produced full functioning tissue from iPS cells rather then other types of stem cells. The researchers are excited and optimistic that further study will provide a promising treatment for their patients. Source — Tamarra Kemsley


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