Human Skeletal Muscle Anatomy Tutorial

Human Skeletal Muscle Anatomy Tutorials


The Human Skeletal Muscle Anatomy Tutorial was composed in order to introduce the viewer to the amazing structural intricacy of the human muscular system. This tutorial was compiled as a supplement to the study of the human musculoskeletal system, and should be used along with other resources to facilitate the study of human anatomy.

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In order to present this material in a clear manner three main categories have been chosen in which information about a particular muscle will be placed. The three categories are as follows:

The origin of the muscle.

The insertion of the muscle.

The action of the muscle.

Skeletal muscles can be described in a variety of ways. I have chosen this set of categories, because it seems to be the most common way that information is presented in anatomy texts. In my attempt to supplement other sources of information I have also adopted this form.

Category information

The origin and insertion points of a muscle describe the physical attachment of the muscle tissue to bony tissue via a tendon.

The origin – The origin of a muscle is usually defined as the attachment of a muscle to the more stationary bone.

The insertion – The insertion of a muscle is usually defined as the attachment of a muscle to the less stationary bone. Therefore, the point of insertion of a muscle will undergo a greater degree of movement than the origin. (This can often be an ambiguous term, however, in that in certain movements the ‘origin’ of a particular muscle may undergo the larger degree of movement depending on the action produced during a given activity.)

The action – The action of a muscle is usually defined as the ‘function’ of the muscle. It describes the movement at a joint produced by contraction of a particular muscle.

Throughout the text of the tutorial many anatomical terms and structural names are defined in order to ease the understanding of the material. Click on any blue-highlighted word to review the definition of any of these terms. For further information please review other human anatomy resources, or please send your questions to the author (send the author email).

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